The Colorful Journey of Mimaki SS21 Inks: From Past to Present

Mimaki SS21 has certainly made its mark in the world of digital printing. But like any good story, the tale of SS21 is one of evolution, growth, and constant adaptation to the needs of the market.


If you’re someone who’s spent a significant amount of time in the printing industry, you’ll know that not all inks are created equal. Remember the early days when solvent inks had the tendency to fade or degrade after a short time? Those days are long gone, thanks to technological advancements and innovations from companies like Mimaki.

One of the most noticeable evolutions of the Mimaki SS21 inks is their enhanced durability. Earlier versions were reliable, sure, but the current iterations are a testament to Mimaki’s commitment to quality. The SS21 inks now boast longer lasting vibrancy and resistance to external factors such as UV rays, rain, and even the occasional coffee spill. That’s right! Your print can survive an accidental coffee mishap!

The versatility of these inks is another major selling point. Initially designed for certain types of media, the new and improved Mimaki SS21 inks are now suitable for an expansive range of materials. From vinyl to banners, from canvas to films, these inks ensure crisp and clear results every single time. And the color spectrum? Oh boy! The colors are now even more vibrant and true-to-life, giving designers and artists the perfect palette to bring their visions to life.

Another exciting development in the world of Mimaki SS21 is its eco-friendliness. The brand has made conscious efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their products. The SS21 inks, in particular, now contain fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This not only makes for safer indoor air quality but also ensures a reduced carbon footprint. Go green with your prints!

Lastly, the drying time. Anyone in the printing business knows that time is of the essence. With earlier solvent inks, the drying process could be… well, a tad bit tedious. The evolved SS21 inks, however, are a game-changer. Faster drying times without compromising on quality means you get to deliver those stunning prints to your clients even quicker.

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