The function of the carpet as an interior element

According to the dry wet carpet Sydney, the carpet can unite the interior of the room and even strengthen the interior concept. For this reason, some interior designers use carpets to complement the interior in their designs. Carpets are an interior element that is easily found in some spaces, from the living room, family room to the bedroom. In plain view, the carpet becomes the basis of furniture so that it does not come into direct contact with the floor. In other conditions, the carpet is deliberately held to cover parts of the floor that are not filled with furniture. So that the carpet raises an aesthetic value as well as a functional element. For carpet materials and motifs greatly affect the interior space. This is because every space has character. The bedroom as rest is different from the family room or living room. These differences in character make the carpet materials and motifs different for each space best local carpet cleaner services Sydney.

So that the selection of carpet motifs is also very important to note. Until now, Sammy, who usually designs residential interiors, still prioritizes carpets used in closed spaces, especially air-conditioned. This is because the tropical weather conditions in the country cause dust to easily stick to carpets which are usually made of wool, viscose, and silk. In open spaces, it is still possible to install carpets provided that the carpet material used is in the form of plant fibers, kind of pineapple. These materials are less likely to collect dust.

The carpet makes the space cozy because it is softer than marble or wooden floors. A rug in brown or beige, the sofa cushions have green or blue accents. This means that the carpet is the last choice in the interior. In the design process, the designer will start to consider from the top down. In that sense, the design starts from the ceiling to the floor. After that, they just choose a carpet that fits the design concept. The upper-middle-class people who are their clients prefer colors that tend to be neutral and not too flashy. The choice is because the upper-class people usually buy a sofa with standard colors. So, the color of the carpet matches the furniture. Meanwhile, to give the impression of being expensive, the carpet plays on the pattern, color, and technique.

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