The Method Used by Today Flowers to Keep Flowers Fresh Throughout Delivery

Flowers are fragile beings that need adequate attention and care to stay healthy and vibrant. So when it comes to flower delivery, it’s essential to ensure the blossoms remain fresh and in perfect shape. At Today Flowers, we know how important it is to send fresh flowers with stunning bouquets. Here’s how we keep flowers fresh while delivering them.

Choosing the freshest blooms is the first step in maintaining flower freshness during delivery. Our team of professionals collaborates with nearby florists to guarantee that only the highest caliber flowers are used in our bouquets. In addition, we only select blooms at the height of their beauty and have yet to finish blooming. This guarantees that the flowers will remain fresh and last longer throughout delivery.

Hydration is the next stage. Flowers require water to survive. Therefore it’s crucial to keep them hydrated during delivery. Trim the stems and soak them in water before arranging the arrangement. We also employ a particular flower-feeding solution to feed the flowers and lengthen their lives.

We utilize specifically created packaging that safeguards the blooms and maintains the proper temperature to ensure the flowers stay hydrated during delivery. To prevent the flowers from being exposed to severe temperatures that can harm the colors, our delivery partners transport the flowers in temperature-controlled vans. This also helps keep the flowers fresh, so they arrive lovely and vivid.

At Today Flowers, we go above and beyond to safeguard the flowers during delivery. The packaging materials we utilize protect the blooms from being crushed or harmed during shipping. In addition, our delivery partners are trained to treat buds delicately, guaranteeing that bouquets arrive in the same state as when assembled.

To ensure that our bouquets are beautiful but also vibrant and fresh, Today Flowers’ team of specialists goes above and beyond. In addition, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the most incredible flower delivery experience possible, from choosing the freshest blooms to employing specialized packaging and delivery methods.

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