The signs of a leaking water pipe

Many people are sometimes less concerned with the water pipe problem used. All pipes are considered the same and ultimately tend to choose the cheapest PVC pipe prices. Regardless of whether the purchased pipe has good quality or not. As a result, the pipe has not been used for a long time. However, even if you use even high-quality pipes, it is not certain that the house pipes will be free from leakage problems. It’s because there are several other things that can cause problems in the pipe. Meanwhile, you can contact the best plumbers San Diego, if you need to hire a trusted, licensed, and reliable plumbing service near your area.

Even worse, because this pipe is embedded, so the pipe leak occurs unnoticed by the homeowner. But don’t worry, because there are several ways you can do to detect leakage problems in the pipe, including:


As previously mentioned, many pipes are embedded in the ground or walls. When there is a leak, not all of these leaks can be detected immediately. It’s Because depending on the severity of the leak. If the leak is severe enough, usually a short time will appear. If the pipe is embedded in the wall, this seepage will cause wet stains on the wall. Meanwhile, if the pipe is underground, this leak can cause a puddle of water.

Water bills increase

Just try to compare the water bill you receive each month. If suddenly the water bill increases quite dramatically, even though you feel the use is the same as usual, meaning that something is wrong with your water channel. Because, if there is a leak in the water channel, the water will continue to flow even though you have closed the tap. Therefore, it is important for you to save water bills for at least the last 3 months period.

Small flowing water

This small flowing water can be caused by two things, namely the reduction of water supply from the management, or it could be caused by a leaky pipe. For the first reason, this usually occurs only temporarily, or it may also be stable at the same time (for example in the morning when using lots of water). However, the second reason that occurs, this is usually marked by conditions that continue continuously. That is, every hour suddenly the water that flows is small and even dies during rush hour.

That’s it for the info regarding the leaking pipe that we are able to share with you this time. Although this article isn’t very long, we hope it helps you to identify the leaking pipe in your property easier.

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