These Factors Damage Your Wholesale Home Suppliers Couch Quickly

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Although leather couches can complement a variety of interior styles, you still need to be careful when caring for them. Do not let your beloved couch break easily when it has not been used long. That’s why we also recommend you to only buy durable furniture pieces at

You must avoid some of the things that are vulnerable to making the leather couch easily damaged the following:

Exposure to Sunlight

Did you know that sun exposure risks damaging skin material? Sunlight will make the skin become brittle and quickly fade. As a result, your leather couch will look dull and easy to tear. You should not place a leather couch in a place that is exposed to reflection or direct sunlight. Keep the couch from around the window so that the reflection of the sun does not damage the couch.

Leaving the couch exposed to water

Water is also one of the main enemies of leather couches. If the skin is exposed to water and left just like that, the water will absorb and cause changes in texture. You should immediately dry the exposed section of the couch with a soft, dry cloth. While large amounts of water spills should be overcome by aerating the couch until it is completely dry.

Sharp Objects

Never place sharp objects on a leather couch. No matter how small the sharp object, the edges can still damage the surface of the couch. Leather is very susceptible to scratching sharp objects. So, make sure that you always clean the couch thoroughly so there are no sharp objects tucked around. You should also keep pets away from the couch so that their sharp claws don’t scratch the surface of the couch.

Cleaning the couch with a Wet Cloth

You must clean the couch regularly. However, leather couches should not be cleaned with a wet cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth that has been wrung so it has very little water content. Do not use a cloth that is too wet so that your favorite couch is not damaged due to excessive water exposure. Occasionally, you are also required to clean the couch with a special cleaning fluid so that its natural luster is maintained.

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