This Choice Of Lawn For Home Yard

The grass is very common in the yard. This plant also has various types ranging from real grass to imitation. However, for real grass, they have to take high care and use the right chemicals. The goal is that the grass does not dry out quickly and always looks fresh with its green color. However, to choose a lawn that suits your home page, you should not get it wrong because it affects the beauty of your home garden. If you choose native lawn for your yard, then you will need to be prepared for a high water bill and maybe occasionally have routine lawn mowing. For this reason, one of the right solutions to solve this lawn problem is choosing the right type of artificial grass.

This type of grass has a rough texture and adapts to moisture. It is suitable for this grass to be in coastal areas with moderate winter temperatures. Besides, this type of grass is also able to adapt to various types of soil. St. Grass This Augustine grows quite well in moderate shade. St. Grass Augustine is carpet grass that creates lawns with high heat tolerance. Unfortunately, this grass is not adapted to stamping and is not recommended for areas that are too dry. If you live in an area with extreme heat and experience a long drought, then you should choose this type of grass. Buffalo grass is tough enough to grow in warm seasons and can remain fertile without high levels of irrigation and fertilization.

A suitable mow is needed for those who want the best look for this lawn. If left unchecked, buffalo grass will grow to several meters. However, you can let it grow only 2-3 inches. It is also very well adapted to other warm climates, and will not do well in shady areas with high traffic.

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