This Is How To Make The Family Room Feel Wider

Generally, the family room is considered almost the same as the living room. It’s not like that, the family room is more of a private room that you use to gather or relax with your family. Meanwhile, the living room is a part of the house that you provide to welcome guests. In the world of fashion, you may have known that clothes with horizontal stripes will make a thin person appear fuller, whereas vertical patterns will make a thick person make them appear thinner. You can use this concept when choosing a carpet for a narrow family room. Moreover, your room is elongated and not wide enough. We recommend that you use a patterned rug with a vertical stripe pattern that can create the impression of a wider space, and vice versa. Don’t forget to regularly clean the carpet using the ultimate carpet cleaning service. It doesn’t hurt either if you use the same room for 2 different functions. Moreover, the different types and designs of houses will affect the shape of the room you have. Depending on how you choose and divide the room in the house to have their respective functions.

The problem arises if the room in your house is not symmetrical. The family room will feel narrow and elongated, this makes you and your family lose enough space to gather together. However, don’t let limited space become your obstacle to being creative. It sounds like a waste of time because a narrow room has a dividing line. Don’t worry, this is a logical way you can apply. Try to imagine a rectangular room with a size that is not too large. If you divide the two equally with a dividing partition, you will create 2 new rooms that you can use for different functions. The mirror will give the impression of a wider room when placed in a narrow space. The distribution or distribution of light in the room becomes smoother. So that the corners of the room become brighter.

That is why some cafes or shopping centers in malls use mirrors to get around the narrow space. However, you have to be more careful in placing the mirror position if you still have toddlers, because they could accidentally break the mirror when they play.
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