This Is How To Take Care Peace Lily So It Stays Shiny

Caring for Peace Lily flowers is very easy if you already know what are the requirements and needs for her life. Regardless of the type you have, almost all types of Peace Lily need almost the same treatment. If to this day you are still confused about finding ways to take care of the Peace Lily plant to make it look fresh and shiny, here is how to care for a peace lily:

I am very sure you already understand that Peace Lily is included in the category of superior indoor plants with their beauty and ability to absorb toxins in the air. Many studies have been done for this one plant and the results are indeed extraordinary.

Planting Media Preparation

The planting media used must be porous and can store moisture. Peace Lily root texture is soft so the planting media that you use cannot be too dense. Do not use soil alone but mixed planting media that you can mix yourself. The example is:

Loose soil + raw husk + compost
Topsoil + roasted husk + compost
Husk + compost
Sandy soil + raw husk + compost
Cocopeat + raw husk

Don’t use new manure because it still contains very high ammonia. Manure can be used after decomposing into compost. With planting media as mentioned Peace Lily will grow very fertile.


Caring for the true Peace Lily plant cannot be separated from the correct watering method also because Peace Lily cannot stand drought. If late watering the plants will wither. Sirah 2x a day if the temperature is rising. If the place is shaded like indoors, then watering can be done 3-5 days.


Peace Lily tends to like a nutritional diet but regular fertilizer application can be done so that plants can breed quickly. If only for fertilizing the room decoration can be done every 6 months (1 year 2 times). Fertilizers used can be in the form of slow-release fertilizer, fertilizer sowing, or leaf fertilizer. Regarding the concentration, you can choose the type of fertilizer with a balanced NPK concentration.

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