Tips to Maintain Your Mug

There is a simple way so that the results of a durable mug from one of them by washing with soft foam so the image does not peel. Another way is if you use the glass for hot water, make sure the cold glass can be cleaned first. That’s a few tips for washing souvenir mugs with a sublimation system.

However, there are also other tips that you can apply to take care of your mug collection:

1. Store in a Dry & Not Prone to Fall
So that your favorite mug still looks beautiful, you should be careful in choosing where to store it. Make sure the place is dry and not damp to avoid cracks that can make your mug brittle. Also make sure the mug storage is not prone to falling, because the mug is also easily broken against shocks. You can store it in a glass cabinet or wooden shelf that has good air circulation.

2. Use Cloth to Get Rid of Dust from the Mug
If you want to clean the mug from dust, it is better to use a microfiber cloth with soft cloth texture. This type of fabric has a very good ability to attract dust particles without releasing them to other parts. The soft texture of the fabric will not damage the surface of the Mug and can maintain the durability of the Mug. You don’t need to worry about the surface of the Mug being blister because the microfiber cloth is safe to use to clean the dusty Mug.

3. Avoid using Chemicals to Clean the Mug
Even though it looks strong and sturdy, ceramic mugs can break easily if not treated properly. To maintain the beauty of the surface of your ceramic mug, you should avoid using chemicals when washing it and make sure you have chosen a dish soap that is soft and appropriate for cleaning your ceramic mug.

4. Choose Soft Textured Sponge
Not only choosing soft soap, the selection of sponges for washing mugs also needs to be considered, if the sponge you use is rough and damaged, then it is not aimpossible that the surface of the ceramic mug can be eroded and no longer shiny. So, that will be much better if you choose a sponge with soft foam material.

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