Traders Must Avoid Fatal Mistakes In Trading NASDAQ100 And Other Stock Market Indices

Being too hasty can be a factor in the failure of your stock market index investment. After creating a customer fund account or a securities account, of course, not a few are desperate to buy shares, especially when I hear information from several securities about stocks worth buying. Be careful, analyst recommendation stocks don’t have to be the best, you know. It could be the opposite. In buying stocks, it’s good to pay attention to the current NASDAQ100 or other stock market indices. In 2018, when the NASDAQ 100 was still at 6 thousand, that was a sign that stocks were indeed going green, aka rising, or simply, they were expensive. Buying now is not necessarily a good thing. However, if you still believe that you need a stronger strategy for your NASDAQ 100 investment, we suggest you visit right away.

Meanwhile, when you buy it when the NAS100 is at 5,700, it could be that the prices for most issuers are falling. So, when the NASDAQ 100 or other indices of your choice is at level 6 thousand, it’s a good idea to sell shares, not buy.

Then, traders should also pay attention to the strengthening of the dollar value. The strengthening of the US dollar exchange rate against your country’s currency could cause the NASDAQ 100 or other stock market indices to collapse instantly. That clearly destroyed the stock price.

As for banking shareholders, of course, this is a problem because they can experience capital loss. Likewise with other stocks that rocked due to the strengthening of the Dollar.

Apart from that, the foreign stock must also be considered. When the foreign stock market indices price fall. The NASDAQ 100 could also be affected and be battered like them, even though the previous day the NASDAQ 100 was still green. Be careful, that’s why I often read the news in the media. Investing in stocks is risky, when you don’t update you can lose momentum or lose your investment!

Finally, don’t be a greedy investor. Stock market index investment is unique because in a matter of hours you can get a 5 percent profit. However, the shares purchased have indeed risen. Of course, the more funds invested, the greater the profit. However, the opposite can happen too.

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