Types and Benefits of Coffee

If the weather is raining or the weather is cold, what do you do? Maybe you will look for something that can warm the body, right? Well, usually by eating or drinking something warm and most people prefer to drink a cup of coffee or sweet tea. Coffee apart from being able to warm the body turns out to have many benefits for our bodies. However, coffee is also not good if consumed in excess because it contains caffeine. So we must be wise in consuming it. Visit https://www.nectar-of-life.com/white-coffee.htm to learn more about it.

1. Arabica coffee
Originally from Brazil. Arabica coffee has many varieties, depending on the country, climate and soil, where the coffee is grown. For example, Toraja coffee, Mandailing, Colombia, Brazil, and so on. Between one Arabica coffee and the other has a different taste. The following are the characteristics of Arabica coffee, the aroma is pleasantly fragrant, similar to a mixture of flowers and fruit, lives in cool and cold areas, has a sour taste that is not possessed by robusta coffee, has a thick body or taste when taken in the mouth, Arabica coffee taste is more mild or smooth, Arabica coffee is also known to be bitter.

2. Robusta coffee
Characteristics of Robusta coffee Has a taste that is more like chocolate, The smell produced is distinctive and sweet, Has a coarser texture than Arabica.

3. Decaffeinated Coffee
That is the type of coffee that has removed most of the caffeine content. What distinguishes it from other types of coffee is the method and process of making it. Reducing the caffeine content in coffee reduces the bitter taste of coffee.

4. White Coffee
The basic ingredient of white coffee is actually Arabica or Robusta coffee. The only difference is how to process it. If black coffee comes from coffee beans that are roasted until the coffee beans become dark and black, white coffee is only roasted (roasted) faster so the color is not as dark as black coffee. In addition, to make the color lighter, white coffee is also usually brewed with additional butter so that the taste and aroma are different from black coffee drinks.

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