Types of House Roofing Materials

Home roofing is one of the most important parts of your house. It can protect you from bad weather and other external hazards. When the weather is too hot, the roof of the house can be your protector so as not to be overheated by the weather. So is it when the weather is too cold so that you will not freeze from the cold. Get the best roof on roofing grande prairie.

There are lots of kinds of materials for roofing tiles. Apart from the function of the roof itself as a protector, each of the materials used to make the roof has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you understand the advantages and disadvantages, some of the tiles will be discussed below.

1. Clay tile
Clay roof tiles are the most popular roof is also the most widely used. In addition to the price that tends to be cheap, the roof of this clay tile is also very easy to get.

The disadvantage of this clay tile is that if it has been used for too long, this clay tile will be vulnerable to breaking or splitting. Not to mention the color of clay roof tiles that will turn into black after a long time. So, before installing, it must be coated with iron or wooden buffer because of its heavy weight.

2. Steel Roof
Steel is often used as a roof for those who are in low economic condition. It is because, in addition to being lightweight materials, the price of this material is also cheap. The deficiency of this steel roof is easily rusty, easy to heat and when viewed from the side, the appearance is also pretty unsightly because of its wide shape.

3. Concrete Roof
The use of concrete roof lately is popular for houses due to it being stylish, minimalist and luxurious. Concrete roof is, in addition, made from fiber and also certain additive materials. The concrete roof also has a high resistance to weather, insects, and fires.

The lack of a concrete roof is located at a price that is not cheap. It also has a weight that is certainly heavier than other types of materials.

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