UAE-based telecom operator Etisalat is providing free eLife services for three months to remain linked and get amused at home due to coronavirus break out

Customers can get eLife TV box with free On-demand movies, free three months subscriptions in StarzPlay, free three months subscriptions in premium TV add-ons like Arabia, Pinoy, Asiana and Western, and free usage of OSN El Farq channels ’till the end of April.

In addition, customers may also update to eLife unlimited plan beginning with 250Mbps and the telco pays the main difference for the first 3 months.

They subscribers can limit with no fee to their unique plan if the update period of time runs from March 19 till the end of June 2020.

To get the advantages, SMS “ELIFE” to 1204.

Etisalat now permits as many as 50 individuals in video conference platforms.

Etisalat has declared that it’s growing its CloudTalk Meeting by enabling 50 concurrent individuals to participate in an online meeting and discussion, as a result of the high number of requests and growing interest in the service, Wam reported on Saturday.

The three months’ free access to Etisalat’s single communication and collaboration platform CloudTalk Meeting launched recently , with plenty of businesses and government organizations coming on board to use the service and streamline their operations when they work slightly.

Salvador Anglada, Group Chief Business Officer, Etisalat said, “Etisalat is completely dedicated to helping businesses in the country during this unparalleled period through solutions and services to make sure that there isn’t any business effect on their operations.

“With a strong backend capability that is located in the country, a trustworthy solution guarantees that companies and all our customers have a seamless experience. The elevated capability of users per session will help more associates, customers, and remote work forces to use the secure platform to meet all their business requirements.”

Added features

Etisalat’s CloudTalk Meeting will now allow up to 50 concurrent participants to join meetings and discussions simultaneously, with an added feature of a moderator to personalise and manage the meetings.

With this scale-up, a greater number of users will be able to communicate using advanced features such as HD quality video and voice conference, instant messaging, group chats, draw schemas, and use the whiteboard, and much more.

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