Vital Questions to Query: Ensuring to Get More Helpful Data from Church Management Software

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s talk about something serious. Are you tired of staring at a mountain of data that doesn’t seem to tell you anything helpful? Well, have no fear, my friends, because there are a few key questions you can ask to ensure you’re getting the most out of your church management software.

First, let’s start with the basics: “What information is my CMS collecting?” Maybe it seem like an obvious question, but you’d be flattered about many churches are unaware of the data that their CMS is collecting. Make sure you know exactly what information is being stored and what can be done with it.

Next, ask yourself, “How can I use this information to make better decisions for my church?” A CMS is a powerful tool, but it’s only helpful if the data it provides can be used to improve your church’s operations. So, make sure to ask your CMS provider how the data can be used to make better decisions.

Another question to consider: “Can my CMS integrate with other software?” Your church may already be using other programs such as email marketing software or online giving platforms. A CMS that can integrate with these other programs will make it easier to manage your operations.

One more important question to consider: “Is my data safe and secure?” With so much personal information being stored, it’s crucial to ensure that your CMS prioritizes data security. Be sure to ask your CMS provider about their data security measures and how they protect your congregation’s information.

Finally, don’t forget to ask yourself “Does this software fit my budget?” because the Church budget can be tight, it’s essential to consider the cost of a CMS and how it fits into your overall budget.

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