Want To Be A Web Designer? Master This Skill First!

To become a reliable web designer is not instant. You need a process to learn some skills and knowledge of certain tools. At angghearachmawaty.wordpress.com, we will describe what skills you need to have to become a web designer. Curious about what it is, let’s look at the following description.

  1. Visual Design

A web designer must have an understanding of visual design. Visual design is the appearance of a website or application that can improve the user experience. These visual elements include illustration effects, typography, layout, color, and usability. Visual design can also be said to be a combination of User Interface (UI) and Graphic Design.

This visual design skill is important for web designers to have. Good visual design on the website can increase visitor engagement. Also, an attractive website can increase visitor confidence in your product.

  1. User Experience (UX)

UX design is the process of designing a product using a user’s perspective. An understanding of UX design is important for a web designer to have. By understanding the principles of UX, web designers can design websites that are needed and easy to use by users.

  1. Understanding HTML

HTML is a markup language used to structure a web page or application. HTML contains elements that web designers use to upload content (paragraphs, image links, videos, tables, etc.) to web pages. These elements will then be rendered into the content displayed on the web page. These elements are for example <head>, <title>, <article>, <img>, <audio>, <video>, etc.

  1. Understanding CSS

Having an understanding of HTML is not enough. Web designers must also have an understanding of CSS. CSS is a programming language that functions to adjust the entire appearance of a website so that it looks more attractive. With CSS, web designers can adjust text color, font, column size, the spacing between paragraphs, and desired background type. Not only that, it even adds layouts and effects as needed.

  1. Understanding SEO

Understanding the skills of SEO for a web designer may not sound right. Digital marketing teams tend to need these skills more. However, a web designer also needs to understand at least the basics of SEO. For example, creating a website that is easy to use and user-friendly, website speed optimization, filling the website with SEO-friendly content, and link building.

  1. Good communication skills

As a web designer, you certainly have to collaborate with clients or colleagues from other divisions where you work. Therefore, this communication skill is important to have so that there is no miscommunication and the website creation project can run smoothly and successfully.

  1. Time Management

Being a reliable web designer must be able to set priorities and manage time well. With good time management, web design projects can be completed with the best results.

Ready to become a Web Designer?

Now you can start trying to learn web design skills to make your dreams of becoming a web designer come true. After mastering the skills, you can apply for work as a web designer at a company or become a freelance web designer.

Armed with skills and experience, you can also start a website creation service business, you know!

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