Wet od Dry Dog Food?

The selection of dog food, of course, can affect the health of your beloved dog. Dry dog ​​food is useful for maintaining health and ease of feeding. On the other hand, wet dog food can increase a dog’s appetite so that it can be used on older and less appetizing dogs. Although wet dog food is more expensive, many dog ​​owners still use it because they prioritize taste and quality for their beloved dog. In order not to make the wrong choice, here we explain how to choose wet dog food, and there are ten good product recommendations that you can choose Life Abundance dog food reviews according to your dog’s needs.

Generally, wet dog food has a higher price than dry dog ​​food. Even so, wet dog food is higher in nutrients than dry dog ​​food so it can be used as a supplementary food when the dog is sick or has a reduced appetite. Some dog owners may be concerned that the added ingredients in wet dog food can cause tartar and damage to their dog’s teeth. In fact, now there are also many wet dog food products that are safe and good for dog dental health. Therefore, choose a wet dog food that is safe for the health and teeth of your beloved dog.

Dogs naturally have different nutritional needs based on their age. Choose a dog food that has the nutritional content according to its needs based on the age of your dog. The animal protein content is very important for them. Maybe you are thinking that for a nutritional balance, wet dog food that is also high in whole grains and vegetables is the right choice. However, this is actually not true.

Dogs’ digestive organs are not designed to digest grains and vegetables properly. In fact, in the worst cases, whole grains and vegetables can injure your dog’s digestive organs. Therefore, regardless of the age of your dog, choose wet dog food whose main content is meat.

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