Which Is Better? Nitrogen Or Air For Tires?

There are some differences between nitrogen gas and ordinary air. Nitrogen gas is still classified as a pure gas and does not contain water, while ordinary air still contains water if the percentage of water content in ordinary air reaches 21%. So when filling the tires with normal air the tires feel heavier, in contrast to filling with nitrogen, the tires feel lighter, and the speed of the vehicle is also lighter. At that time there was also an uproar about replenishing nitrogen with the help of an air compressor, according to the news circulating that someone who wanted to fill tire air with nitrogen found an irregularity. Because it is fitting to be investigated when filling tire air with nitrogen, a compressor sound is heard. Meanwhile, you can visit https://garagemasterblog.com/best-air-compressors-for-home-garage/ to find excellent air compressors for the garage.

Because according to some people, nitrogen gas filling does not require a compressor because it has a pressure of up to 2000 psig. So there is no need for a compressor to fill tires that only have a pressure of 35 psig. Therefore, from the problems I described earlier, is it true that nitrogen requires a compressor? or nothing. After searching through various sources, it turns out that nitrogen gas filling requires a compressor. Because this compressor serves to help push and put air. So the compressor is not for filling ordinary air, because later the air from the compressor will be vacuumed in the nitrogen generator where later the air from the compressor is processed so that the air produced from the nitrogen generator does not contain water. So actually nitrogen gas also comes from ordinary air, it just has to be processed first with nitrogen generator technology.

The advantages of filling tires with nitrogen gas:

– Tires are more durable and long-lasting

– The grip of the tires on the asphalt is stronger

– Save fuel, because the vehicle speed is lighter

– Tires do not explode easily due to the temperature caused by friction with the asphalt

From this conclusion, we can decide that filling tires with nitrogen has more benefits. But all you have because we know that filling tires with nitrogen gas is more expensive than filling tires with ordinary air.

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