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Electricity Usage Safety Tips

Electricity Usage Safety Tips

In an effort to make the awareness of the importance of maintaining security and providing security for family members, communities and communities, it is very relevant to discuss the security of electricity because electricity is a dominant cause of accidents resulting in fire or death (electrocution), both in housing and industry. Aside from that, perhaps you must know more about the recommended service of test and tag auckland as well.

Some causes that have the potential to cause electrical accidents in the work environment or household:

1. Poor electrical installation conditions. among them caused by:

– haphazard cabling. There have been many cases of haphazard electrical installations with less consideration of the cable’s ability to deliver power. Likewise with the number of electrical connections that increase the cable impedance. Both of these can increase the temperature of the cable resulting in damage to cable insulation. Damage to cable insulation has the potential for short circuit or contact with humans.

– damage to cable insulation due to age. Along with the increasing age of cable, the quality of cable insulation is also decreasing. This condition is not only found in households, but also in industry. Not surprisingly, we often find cables that are more than 10 years old are still used in home installations.

Damage to cable insulation has the potential to cause the fire and through other media such as water or wood that is weathered / wet indirect contact with humans (electric shock).

2. Lack of understanding of the environment/work object.

Working with new tools or tools that are old, requires special attention. In-depth analysis (job safety analysis / JSA) needs to be made to replace some unusual but potentially occurring things, such as the assumption of damage to isolation.

3. Use of electric heaters. The danger of damage to the insulation on electric heating devices is very large, especially if the insulation is directly related to humans or electrical conductive media that have potential contact with humans.

For example a water heater. Water flows through a series of insulated electric heaters. If there is leakage of insulation, the flow of electricity will flow through the water that is passed. Can you imagine a threatening threat if the water is being used for bathing?


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