Different Event Theme Bar Setup Ideas

Guest satisfaction and interaction typically center on the bar while throwing an event. In addition to serving drinks www.opusrentals.com/, it’s part of the event’s concept and mood. Party Rentals Los Angeles by Opus Rentals elevates your event with creative and theme-based bar setups. The appropriate bar layout may enhance a rustic wedding, slick corporate event, or lively birthday celebration.

For a rustic gathering, the bar should be simple but elegant. Consider utilizing reclaimed wood for the bar and mason jar lighting and ancient wooden crates for adornment. Craft beers, handmade lemonades, and organic cocktails are available. Custom-made wooden signage with the bride and groom’s names or the event date can make the bar feel like part of the party.

For business events, a sleeker bar layout is typical. Modern elements are used here. Clean lines, backlit panels, and chrome or glass accents may make a minimalist bar professional but appealing. The drink menu may feature classic cocktails, premium spirits, and exquisite wines. Consider using the company’s logo or colors on lighting, coasters, or napkins to mark the bar.

The bar should feel tropical and laidback for a beach party. A tiki bar with bamboo decorations, tropical flowers, and thatched roofs can instantly transport guests to an island paradise. The drink menu can incorporate tropical drinks like pi a coladas, mai tais, and rum punches in coconut shells or pineapple cups to maintain the theme. Bright, colorful lights and sand can turn a venue into a beach retreat.

For vintage events, the bar may transport guests to another time. An antique oak bar with historical glassware and cocktail shakers sets the scene. The cocktails might combine forgotten classics and timeless favorites to evoke nostalgia. Soft, warm Edison bulbs or lampshades should represent a bygone era.

Finally, a futuristic party bar can defy convention. Space-age vibes can be achieved with metallic surfaces and neon lighting. Cocktails with dry ice or LED-lit glasses can offer futuristic flair. Contemporary technology like touch screen menus or automated bartending equipment can complement the theme and give guests a conversation starter.

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