Creating The Perfect Shirt

With the t-shirt creator now you could get a shirt with the design that suits you best. However, in designing a t-shirt you need to avoid mistakes that could ruin the shirt. In t-shirt designs with large sizes, maybe you often overlook the small details. However, if you look back, small details on the shirt can affect the perfection of the shirt. Even with some designs, a collection of small details will create a unique and very attractive design. So, make sure you always pay attention to the slightest detail on the design of your shirt. And usually, image details will also be closely related to the determination of color in the image. Well if you want to highlight one small part of the design, one way is to highlight the details of the image through colors that are brighter than the colors in other parts.

To make a t-shirt model and design image look chic, make sure you choose the right color combination. Not only the basic color of the screen printing with the color of the shirt, but you also have to choose the right color combination in the picture. In some concept drawings, the colors used are more than 3 so the selection must be more careful. For combinations of soft colors, it might not be as difficult to combine bright colors, because soft colors tend to be easily integrated and easily look harmonious. But unlike the case with bright color combinations that require you to make one warrants with other colors to produce a matching combination.

In design, you need a focal point that will be the most important in the design. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of a certain part, because here you are just looking for a focal point that will make people immediately interested in your design when you first see it. Even the size of these points does not have to be large, even in some t-shirt design concepts, unique small details can be very interesting points. Usually, these points will be highlighted through striking colors or with different shapes from the surrounding design.

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