Datasets Resources for Machine Learning

There are many locations where you may find machine learning datasets, however, to assist you in getting started, we have selected five of the most well-known ML dataset sources, find out more:


Data from Microsoft Research
The Microsoft Research Open Data resource of free, carefully selected datasets was produced by Microsoft, another industry titan in technology. These publicly accessible datasets are utilized to improve cutting-edge study in disciplines including domain-specific sciences, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Dataset Search on Google
In September 2018, Google unveiled the Google Dataset Search Engine. Use this tool to view datasets on a variety of subjects, including information about the housing market, global temperatures, and anything else that grabs your attention. Several relevant datasets will show up on the left side of your screen when you input your search.

Amazon Datasets
Because Amazon’s servers are hosting such a large amount of data, a wide variety of datasets are now accessible to the general public via AWS resources. In Amazon’s Registry of Open Data on AWS, several datasets are gathered. There is a dataset description, search feature, and usage examples available, making finding datasets simple.

Public Sector Data
These datasets provide another excellent source of machine learning data and may be applied to a variety of tasks, including research, data visualization, development of online and mobile applications, and more. The website houses the US Government’s database, which includes details about a variety of businesses, including education, ecology, agriculture, and public safety.

UCI Machine Learning Repository
Through the UCI Machine Learning Repository database, the University of California, School of Knowledge and Computer Science make a ton of information available tremendous the public. As it contains almost 500 datasets, domain theories, and data generators needed for the empirical investigation of machine learning algorithms, this database is ideal for machine learning data.

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