The Biggest Mistake in Running an Affiliate Marketing Business

For those of you who have long been in the world of online business, certainly no stranger to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective programs to get a large income through the Internet with a relatively short time and big results. The way it works is quite easy, you have the duty to sell products that have affiliations to consumers, if there is a sale then you will get a commission in accordance with the initial agreement. You can see Jeff Lerner reviews on our website.

This affiliate program provides an opportunity for everyone, even beginners to join. But to be a reliable affiliate you must have a lot of experience and do a series of split tests to find the best techniques for running affiliate marketing. Many also say that affiliate marketing is easy to run, but the reality is not as easy as it says. Especially for beginners who usually make a lot of mistakes. Here are some of the biggest mistakes in running an affiliate marketing business.

No tracking of affiliate links
Not tracking affiliate links is a trivial mistake, why can it be called trivial? Because if there is a sale, then you can not know which products are sold, so you cannot maximize the products that are prospects to scale up. To make it easier to track it, you can use URL shortener services, such as,, and so on.

Easily Tempted New Affiliate Marketing
New affiliate programs usually offer many features and bonuses for those who want to join. This strategy does attract a lot of other affiliate marketers to join, but the problem is affiliate marketing is a business that requires a high focus, so if many affiliate programs that are followed even make it unfocused, which ultimately actually makes everything not successful.

Unattractive Website
Having a website is not enough if the content in it is less attractive to visitors. Apart from the content side, in order to attract visitors, it can also be in terms of user-friendly design with easy navigation buttons and also so that your website is more lively. You can also add a discussion forum.

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